Who are we

“We believe in IT Solutions based on your wishes and needs.….”
Rembrandt uigeknipt

“My name is Rembrandt Leliveld.
 Happily married with Annelie since 2002. Creating a strong and lasting bond with you as my customer is important to me. I deliver efficient work through modern techniques. Almost everything can be done remotely which saves you costs! I am looking forward to meet you and talk about IT techniques”



“My name is Annelie Noort. It is possible that you hear my voice when you call us! I’m helping Rembrandt with the administration and phone calls. Besides this work I’m owner of Yxningens Camping AB since 2007.” So looking for a nice vacation spot in Sweden? :)


In 2004 we started a Dutch IT company, called ‘initX’. A couple of years later Annelie and I decided to move to Sweden for a better quality of life. To help all our loyal customers in Holland and welcome new Swedish customers we started Credimus IT AB…..